Furniture Ideas For A Lodge Home

If you are looking for furniture ideas for your lodge home, then you might want to consider adding a Garden daybed in the mix as well. A daybed for the outdoors will not only add an element of comfort beyond your interiors, it will also add a touch of classy elegance to your home. Especially if your lodge home is located in the lap of nature, choosing your furniture carefully would be extremely crucial for it to last a decent amount of time exposed to the outside elements.

If you are not very constrained on budget, then going for furniture items made of teak wood would be a great option for your lodge home. Teak is not only a highly durable wood that requires very little maintenance, but it also adds a classy touch to your interiors. The natural oils present in teak wood mean that it doesn't require any oiling unlike furniture made of other woods. However, when you see dust deposition on your teak furniture after prolonged use, you can simply take a wet cloth and wash it down with soapy water.

In addition, adding a garden daybed would give you added flexibility in terms of comfort. It is a great piece of furniture that gives you multiple ways to relax in your outdoor and indoor space, without compromising on the aesthetics of your living space. The sofa-like design of daybed makes it an ideal choice for seating even 3 to 4 guests at a time depending on its size, shape and design.

Apart from teak, there are other soft wood options as well that would be a great choice for use on the patio, porch and balcony of your lodge home. They include cedar and redwood, which are well suited for outdoor use because of their natural insect and moisture resistant qualities. However, since redwood is extremely scarce, it would also be on a highly expensive side. Another widely used softwood that is extremely popular is Douglas fir. Douglas fir is widely used in outdoor applications primarily because it is probably the hardest softwood available out there. It is also quite easy to stain and gives a great finish to the furniture.

The whole idea behind designing a lodge home is to bring alive the rustic ambience that one would feel in the lap of nature. So its design should also be handled keeping the natural elements in mind. Using softwood on the floor, adorning the interiors with antler lighting, and decorating the walls with complimenting picture frames are some of the time tested tips that you could follow to ensure that you get the ideal look. You can also consider adding a candelabrum to the mix as well, which would be ideal in adding a vintage touch to the appearance of your lodge home.
If this is your first time owning or designing a lodge home, you might find it a bit daunting in the beginning. However, if you keep in mind the key aspects discussed above, you should not find it too hard to get what you wanted from your lodge home in the end.